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“Natural Savings: How to Save Forests with Savings for and by the Poor?”

Submitted by on January 26, 2010 – 1:50 pmOne Comment

“Natural Savings: A New Microsavings Product for Inflationary Environments. How to Save Forests with Savings for and by the Poor?” Co-authored by Bernard Lietaer and Marek Hudon (Centre Emile Bernheim, Solvay Business School, Brussels).   Published in Savings and Development, Fall 2006

Abstract: Decentralized sustainable resource management in developing countries is important both from a poverty-reduction and an ecological viewpoint. At the same time, no financial instrument is available that enables small savings to be protected against the vagaries of monetary instabilities and inflation. This paper proposes a solution that would address all three issues simultaneously: an inflation-proof savings instrument, fully backed by the organic growth process of a local resource, which at the same time gives a market-based financial incentive to protect that natural resource. A specific example involving sustainable forestry plantations in the Third World is provided.

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  • Many years ago I heard Bernard lecture on Alternative currencies.
    We are preparing to launch a Green Currency, however we need some guidance in the use of BlockChain software. Can you recommend any experts in the field who can act as consultants.
    Best regards, Jim Riordan 301 440 5038

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