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The Terra TRC: A Global Complementary Currency to Stabilize the World Economy

Submitted by on January 14, 2010 – 10:54 pm5 Comments

Untitled design (13)The Terra is a global complementary currency designed to provide an inflation-resistant international standard of value; to stabilize the business cycle on a global level; and to realign stockholder’s interests with long-term sustainability.   From a legal viewpoint, the Terra is standardized “countertrade” (international barter), which is routinely used for over one trillion dollars worth of transactions per year.   Legislation on countertrade exists in about two hundred countries, including all the major trading nations.  Introducing the Terra would therefore not require new international governmental agreements.



  • Thank you very much , this is exactly what i am looking for , it change my trading mined .

  • Fredrik Eriksson says:

    The article seems to have been removed. Any chance of accessing it somehow?

  • Jef says:

    Article still missing… can you please fix the link?


  • Mike says:

    What about the concept of doing an investment backed currency. Ie. The currency is backed by shares of an enivronmentally friendly ETF. Mobile phones are advanced enough to allow people to swap these instead of cash when trading for goods or services. Also it would be less costly to operate since you don’t need to physically store any goods. Further, it wouldnt take any commodities off the market.

    However, this is more of a plan that encourages certain parts of an economy, not necessarily a plan to fight inflation.

    Also, there’s a $20 gift card for whoever gives the best critique of this idea.

  • Lyubomir says:

    My name is Lubomir Stankov and am a member of MENSA, while the financial system is evolving!
    Think about this theory! This is the best solution to save the global economic system! Any other alternative would be a disaster for humanity!
    Social Capitalism!

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