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Commercial Credit Circuit (C3)

Submitted by on September 28, 2011 – 2:19 pm2 Comments

The Commercial Credit Circuit (C3) is a business-to-business system that is an improvement on the WIR, in the sense that the currency is convertible on demand into national currency. It is a powerful way to create employment because it injects working capital in networks of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), thereby creating employment (because SMEs tend to be the sector that provides 90% of all private employment. This system is currently operational in Brazil and in Uruguay with several other Latin American countries interested in implementing it. For an executive summary of this system, please read below:


French and Spanish translations of this summary can be found next:


  • Bruno Ricardo says:

    this is the real business. I never been so dogmatic in my life about a single idea after a week of investigation.
    It is so intuive and simple that I think people will love it when they´ll understand it.
    Let me exagerate and compare C3 to the free trade Wealth surplus revolutionary idea of Adam Smith.

  • Bruno Ricardo says:

    All Europe should stop talking about the problem and start WORKING on the solution(S). yes C3 is theorethical perfect. IN practice, only good planning an understafing of the cluster and national chains of value will lead to the success of the local systems

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