What can governments do to address the banking crisis, remedy unemployment, poverty and ecological threats, and create conditions for sustainable abundance?


How can time-tested currency innovations such as mutual credit systems help businesses of all sizes deal with cash flow shortages and monetary instability?


What can communities do to leverage their untapped wealth and connect resources that would otherwise remain unused with needs that would otherwise remain unmet?


What can scientific and academic research tell us about how to design and implement more effective and resilient monetary systems?

Currency Proposals

What types of complementary currencies could help us overcome current obstacles to the flourishing of our educational, energy, commercial, and other systems?

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Bernard Lietaer @ Poptech, October 22, 2011

Submitted by on November 6, 2011 – 12:27 pm2 Comments


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  • I hope that the social monetary experience in Uruguay can be reproduce in Portugal and then I hope I can study it 🙂 as I myself consider to be a researcher in business and economics inside my professional duties.

    I am trying to connect people and institutions here at least to reproduce the STRO methodologies if not national at least local and micro business level – call it a pilot project.

    Amazing experience, unbelievable simple , intuitve, thumbs up.

    I only wish to have more and more information about the degree of expected success in this experience in Uruguay and get as much knowledge possible about the C3 experiments in EUROPE too!

    I have a 5 degree in Economics and post-graduation in Financial and Monetary Economics.

    Best wishes,

  • This is the most brilliant set of ideas I’ve ever heard. Thank you for sharing them.

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