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Reputation currencies will be a major drive in relational dynamics and a great way to reveal human and social capital within trusted communities. We relate David Ronfeldt’s relational dynamics and Bernard Lietaer’s definition of money as theoretical framework.
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  • Great presentation. Fundamental issue.
    Is there a written document that I can download? Some reading material to look into with respect to this specific topic? Some experiences to share?

  • Wiebke Repenning says:

    Dip.-Chem. Wiebke Repenning Munich, October 16, 2012

    A few time ago, I wrote a comment, why the Club of Rome cannot determine that the EU must follow a completely different economical policy, one, which surrenders to complete human mankind human dignity. Already being poor and even more over to have nothing to eat and drink so that millions of humans and children must die from hunger year after year, hurts human dignity or human rights tremendously. So does if one has no home that is no apartment to at least to rent or to have to pay meantime half of the pension or salary for the rent, so that the rest of money of the low salary does not suffice anymore for living in human dignity. Or the tremendous low salaries in Germany from which one cannot live and either from the pension later in life. Money is not the most important matter in life but it is as important as to really be loved by one’s parents during childhood and thus develop a character that rays human dignity and also allows behaving accordingly. The German federal secretary of industrial economies, Phillip Roesler and his companions in his federal party, the federal FDP, love to mock humans and prove this again and again so now by enlarging also the costs for current now enormously just for the private costumers, while stupid firms like such ones, which generate unhealthy, tremendous cheep meat for example from poisoned animals created on farms which resemble concentration camps for animals, must pay nothing for the change to regenerative energy, though it is worldwide utmost time to change to it, because under the current circumstances of the combustion of coal and burning mineral oil the average temperature of our atmosphere will enlarge in the next twenty years by eight centigrade though the upper limit determined by the – how is this climate meeting of the politicians worldwide and of climate researchers called? On the last one a few years age the researchers warned that the average temperature may not rise higher then two centigrade at the most upper limit. When our German federal secretary of industrial economies, Phillip Roesler, supports now though an industry, whose owners are billionaires, who cut animals into pieces of meat, he does it for he wants to make poor people greedy to eat this poisonous meat. He as a medical doctor and thus possessing at least some knowledge of biochemistry should know that such meat is dangerous not only for the health but also for the intelligence. I could outline this here, but I think I apart from my theme. At least I should say it is full intention to spoil plants and thus also meat by poisoning plants with pesticides and so forth not only for supporting our ill economical system, so that a few farmers earn billions while the little farmer goes bankrupt. The reason for artificial substances in conventional food and poisoned fruits, vegetables and meat is to disturb the gear set of the biochemical circles of reactions and biochemical reaction cascade in the body and nervous cell. It is not only for making humans thus ill. Most people do not realize that the intervention in this biochemical gear set of the biology cells also disturb the psyche and thus makes greedy and stupid too.
    Well the other reason, why the German federal minister of industrial economies and his party and most of the CDU party support the meat industry is to leave this unhealthy meat cheep. So many people, even poor ones, will eat it especially since vegetable and fruits become more and more expensive and people anyhow only eat artificial food meantime in the industrial countries. Meat shall be eaten in huge amounts and by huge a population, because from cows one knows that they expire methane, a greenhouse gas, which is much more dangerous than carbon dioxide. That is Phillip Roesler’s aim is to enhance the climate catastrophe, because it substitutes the war with old fashioned weapons, since weather catastrophes destroy landscape but more important houses and other kind if possess. There was a time when US politicians started to think of bombs which destroy property but not humans. Today with eclectic magnetic forces or fields one can destroy a lot and also create weather catastrophes. In the internet one can read of such weapons, unified under the name “Harper”. They are constantly applied by war greedy politicians and ex politicians. The Harper in Russia is used by the sdi ruler Vivian Janov and imputed to the president of Russia of course. But just every member and thus the highest commander of the Russian Department of Defense and in the Red Army is completely steered in the behavior by the ruler of the self defense intelligence weapons, Vivian Janov. The former federal chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schröder, already in a job, given to him by his friend Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, had helped me to understand this, when I had written an email about the true causers of the Yugoslavia war, also a war programmed by the sdi ruler and the sdi computer.

    Well, the main reason for keeping up with our economical system, which leaves humans either in greed for wanting still more money or in existence fears is to keep them stupid by these kinds of feelings created by our economical system, so that they do not become aware that we live in war. Our school system and what is told and known about education in family contributes most to it of course.
    When the neoliberalism grasped around every country, the SPD and Green Party in Germany had to support it, so did Peer Steinbrück, who now will go for the chancellor in Germany. But he had to enhance the gambling at banks and had to introduce the bad hedgefonds, because he had to develop these economical laws together with the governor of the German state , Hessen, who was Roland Koch those days. He is a collaborator of the rule of the self defense intelligence weapons, whose upper ruler is the US American psychotherapist Vivian J. (I just got to know that one may not call the full name. I have always spelled the complete name and do it again: it is Vivian Janov. I spell her first and last name because she has her own website in the internet and offers in it her primal therapy. Earlier she was even as shameless as to tell in her “Introduction”, that she gives the primal therapy, which Arthur Janov had discovered and founded but they together had then developed. I underwent her therapy but broke l it off after three and a half months, because it is a shock conditioning therapy with the aim to make the patient fully steerable by her self defense intelligence weapons. As a brain researcher and behavioral researcher, who has read a lot of earlier books of ‘Arthur Janov and having done his therapy for a while too, I could outline, why one can steer the behavior of a human completely. Well, since I might add my text, in which I describe more precisely what the sdi weapons (self defense intelligence weapons in contrast to the SDI-weapons of the former US president Ronald Reagan, the so called Strategy Defense Initiative –Weapons), do and why they can manipulate just everything, and under which psychological circumstances also the human, I simply say here in short, that Vivian Janov is the most upper ruler of the sdi dictatorship. Well let me tell in short, why humans can be steered by the sdi weapons better than any technical robot: the sdi weapons ray gravitational force. In contrast to electric magnetic force, which can only influence itself, the gravitational force can change every other physical force. As always in nature and discovered by physicists, the applied intensity and doses of the gravitational force must correlate with the other physical force, which shall be changed. For example does the gravitational field of our earth on our surface not intervene with an electron or even an atom or molecule or its bounds Yet if the gravitational force is applied in the same strength as the electrons contains energy it can move the electron (and thus manipulate the computers at the Wall Street , in Frankfurt or even the persons who whoa gamble with those enormously quick running trade computers or these computers themselves which mainly determine the curve of the Dow Jones or DAX or else. On October 16, the DAX jumped once at about 13:20 o clock and later on again. But shortly after one o clock I opened my teaching book of inorganic chemistry and read in it, because I wanted to know if heat is developed when one mixes up sodium hydroxide with nitric acid. This had happened at the food company “Kraft” (I questioned myself for what nitric acid is used in a food factory because it is very, very poisonous; the sodium hydroxide is used for cleaning which is unhealthy too). A person had been manipulated with the sdi weapons by Vivian Janov and thus had poured nitric acid into a tower, which stores sodium hydroxide and had still stored some of it.
    As a chemist, though I studied it a long time ago and was never in this occupation, I never the less still knew of course that pouring together sodium hydroxide and nitric acid ends in sodium nitrate, mostly as dissolved ions, and he hydrogen ion of the nitric acid and the hydroxide ion of the sodium hydroxide combine to the harmless water molecule. So the dissolved sodium nitrate in water is not dangerous as long as it is kept in this tower. But I did not know if heat would develop, why I opened up my teaching book. The author did not mention anything of it, but would have written it down if it would have been the case.
    The point is that a lot of gaseous nitric acid left the tower and created a brown stem as one knows from Los Angeles when one is at the beach and looks at the border of the bay of Los Angeles. At least a lot of these nitrogen containing gases were emitted into the air of Los Angeles, when I did my therapy there at Vivian and Arthur Janovs primal institute in 1981. Remembering my first semester of chemistry I know that evaporated nitric acid is as brown as the nitrogen oxides, which are evaporated by cars, if no catalyst is used.
    Yet from this tower at the food company Kraft the hell of brown gas was emitted into the air and the fire department had the idea to sweep water around the tower for cooling the inside liquid down. I do not know if the temperature had been measured. I hope there was a thermometer, which has indicated that the temperature had remained low. Because this would prove that Vivian Janov had lowered down the earth gravitational force in the tower so that the nitric acid started to float upward like the astronauts do up in the International space ship ISS, because the gravitational force is lower there than here on earth. Else one can regard at the gravitational force as being an attractive force. Everybody knows that the sun’s gravitational force attracts all of the planets surrounding it. That is its gravitational force equilibrated the own force of the planets which makes them as it happens in the universe with just everything to fly to the boarder to the universe and thus widen it constantly. If the planets would not have this kinetic energy, the sun’s gravitational force would attract the planets till they are in the sun and react there chemically. Anyhow, everybody knows by our planetary system that the gravitational force is an attractive force. Therefore Vivian Janovs sdi-computer must not calculate how much the earth’s gravitational force on the surface of our planet has to be diminished. Like with a mechanical force, which pulls something the sdi weapon can ray such an amount of gravitational force, that equals the energy content of nitric acid molecules and pulls them selectively from the liquid in the tower. Quite obviously more nitric acid had been poured into the tower than was an equivalent amount of sodium hydroxide already in the tower. So nitric acid could vaporize by pulling the molecules out of the tower into the atmosphere with the gravitational force of the sdi weapons. Vivian Janov simply stands or sits in front of virtual sdi computer , has the picture of the tower beamed on her sdi computer monitor and makes a lifting gesture with her hands and arms and may be gives certain spoken orders to the computer. If you believe that Steve Jobbs was the creator of touchscreen, you should know that this kind existed already for making the first and Second World War History as tld is one big lie as politics is too as it is presented in the medias and print medias. I am a bait of crime for attorney generals and state attorneys worldwide. So also for the Russian ones (The music band, the young mothers who blamed Putin in the church will com free when the u work is over. The female judge had let me know that certain Russian courts are part of the investigation and as Putin and Medvedev and Lawrov, latter ones the prime minister or secretary of State of Russia) are playing their role in the sdi dictator ship, till the investigations come to an end. Absolutely most politicians worldwide are completely controlled in their behavior by Vivian Janov and her sdi computers. Her central sdi computer programs all the other ones and she stores her steering deeds on the fixed disc so that she can apply the same behavior on humans again and again. That is she must not necessarily operate her sdi computer. It simply must be turned on.
    By the way in early summer of 2007 Vivian Janov emptied within seconds during one night a lake of glacier in the Andes in Chile. Researchers from that area having no idea from the sdi weapons developed a very odd theory why the lake had emptied. For fooling them Vivian Janov filled the lake at night two weeks later again.
    She uses the same or similar mechanism to determine the weather. As a physical chemist I know that meteorologists explain every thunderstorm or similar with the theory of thermodynamics. I am very god in this subject, because I love it. But nevertheless I attended years ago a lecture at the meteorological institute and interrupted simply the professor in his lecture. I asked him which force it is that makes a cloud rain. He answered: It is only and only the gravitational force.” And continued: “This does not belong here. Please do not interrupt me anymore.” Here you see he was ready to give me the answer. And here you now ca most easily understand why Philip Roesler supports the blowing of methane by cows by supporting the industry which cuts cows into pieces of cheep meat. He is a sdi collaborator. May be I should say he is completely steered in his behavior. But I have written too much about the sdi weapons and sdi- as well political crimes to German federal politicians and the US Republican Party that those ones, who are greedy of might and suffer from a huge contempt opposite the people, have joined in the sdi rule and Vivian Janov since long. The astonishing is that I had sent an email to Philip Roesler and the presidial office of the Federal FDP about the results of the climate catastrophe. For if the seal level of the oceans rise very high, the water of the oceans flow from the ocean into the country and inundate the rivers like the hell and as one knows in Germany from about 2005,when the river Elbe inundated. Or as has happened last year or the year before in the USA in the corn chamber of the USA. The inundation of the rivers has never always been the result of heavy rains only, but of course Vivian Janov can lift the level of the rivers too with her gravitational force from her sdi weapons. German knows that it is the gravitational force of the moon mainly which causes low and high tide of the North Sea.
    Since I am talking more about the sdi weapons as I had originally intended: since just a few days ago the extreme sportsman from Austria, Baumgartner or similar, jumped from the height of thirty nine kilometers from above the earth surface downward and was partially quicker than the sound velocity and is the first one (from two ones altogether) who broke the sound velocity, one should now that it is the gravitational force of the earth alone which determines the velocity of fall and in fact independent from the weight of a human. So both jumpers should have fallen with the same velocity no matter how often the guy who just jumped from the stratosphere down to earth made turns with his body as he fell. This and also that he was faster than the one preceding him straightens out to that Vivian Janov had enhanced him with her sdi weapons. But since humans have no idea about physics and less about gravitational force, how can they know that every heavy peace drips down with the same velocity as soon as he drops. Of course, if force is added downwards the first seconds will differ. But the elder guy, now 84 of age, who jumped years ago, was connected to this Baumgartner by fun. He told him precisely how to let himself drop into the atmosphere that is both applied no additional force but simply let themselves drop downwards into the stratosphere. What I do not know is how low the gravitational force of the earth is up there. May be it is so light already there in the stratosphere that the jumper should float there like the astronauts in the ISS. Well the NASA certainly knows because a satellite measures the gravitational force directly. What I want t say is that it can again be proved that also this Baumgartner was a manipulated person as he fell down to earth. Because I finally had been confirmed these days by broadcast that in truth Vivian Janov has no chance to ever get me killed by her persecutors, whom she steers, she started to panic. She was panicking, because she always thinks and tells me that she first must get me murdered by her helpers, before she starts with the world war. Since I have just as intelligent brothers as I am myself (I found out by the sdi weapons by one news of the NASA in 182 namely that they install apparatuses in the space which create fears in humans, have my fundamental knowledge in chemistry, physical chemistry, learned additional physics and know also neuroscience and the pattern of the biological cell, that is know the pattern of biochemistry and genetics. This and my intuition and enormous experiences of heaviest and enduring fear had made me understand the existence of the self defense intelligence weapons and what they can My brothers are just as profound in their subjects and as intelligent as me. Since one of my brothers had developed the automatic guidance of an electrical field and thus an apparatus which uses it by the magnetic field of it, I also always knew that he had helped to develop such an automatism in the ant-sdi weapons, whose one task is to protect my life before I am killed. Vivian Janov made the experience already in 1968 when she wanted to murder me by creating a car accident with her sdi weapons, that the anti-sdi weapons had saved my life and the lives of my father and brother. But since she is very underhanded in her thinking she made herself believe that her helpers can murder me, also though she steers their behavior completely by her sdi weapons. I used to say that she has no chance to kill me however she tries it. But since the persons connected to the anti-sdi weapons always only warned me with gestures and warning views before I step into a trap of murder (where there exists a variety of invisible kinds of murders in the age of electric magnetic weapons laser weapons and sdi weapons), she used to believe that she can and may murder me. So they were my round emails on the one hand which pushed the investigations forward ( the complete history of the sdi rule since its beginning from about one century ago has been proved meantime ) , but also stimulating Vivian Janov’s greed of murder, which has pushed the investigations. During this time she was allowed to torture me most heavily with fears from her sdi weapons so that my life is additionally one of enduring torture. And the persons from anti-sdi always only warn me, which is very threatening too. Altogether I live in the hell and actually am too broken meantime to still be able to continue my role. Therefore I was glad that ant-sdi had let Vivian Janov finally know that she cannot murder me. Well she has not grasped it because she has enlarged the numbers of her helpers who persecute me as well as her cruelty. When she feels being trapped by Arthur Janov and anti-sdi she always becomes even more evil in torture opposite me. This has now happened again. But now I do not allow it to anti-sdi anymore because it is too much. I am the constant loser, because Arthur Janov mocks me for decades now by promising the end of the investigations and do not stop the sdi weapons in truth, just mocks me. Scarcely I know what is being investigated and also I am mixed up in this too, am held like little stupid person. While Arthur Janov and the investigators always win, because Vivian Janov steps by my kind of help from one trap of investigation to the next, I am the looser, because the investigations go on and on and thus the heavy double torture. Since the torture has become unbearable or also because I am definitely fed up by being mocked so heavily in the name of progress in investigations, I have decided to make it to a game between Arthur and Vivian Janov , and allow Vivian Janov to win over Arthur Janov, which she needs only once. Therefore I do not hide my keys anymore, which I had to do at home for about one year now. I simply do not do it anymore. It enhances Vivian Janovs greed in programming the spying ones in wanting to break in my apartment and kill me or at least steal my laptops and all USB sticks and being raped, because Vivian Janov must program the invaders to harm me for she is so full of hate and revenge against me, because she has meantime failed about three millions times in getting me into her trap. It is also due to my personal intelligence that she does not make it. Now I use my intelligence, me who has been dropped on the bottom of the darkest abyss ever so that I used to become always dear again and do my job in being tortured and chased and mistreated psychotically and still write my emails. I never saw that I can turn the matter around and make it to the problem between Arthur and Vivian Janov and the investigators, because I am too well conditioned meantime. May be one needs to be tortured to the limit to only then find a solution. May be. But turning the spear around it becomes a fight between the ant-sdi ruler, the investigators, the police and just everyone who belongs to anti- sdi. I do not care if I am murdered. It is finally a release in my situation, though the investigations had been very successful. But the torture is too much the hurt too great. The best therapist of the world, who Arthur Janov claims to be, should know when he must stop. Now I must urge him. This is not good for him, but typical of his tough strategy. If I am murdered Vivian Janov thinks she can start the world war. That is now she thinks suddenly it suffices her to get me arrested and so forth. I do not believe that she then can start the world war, because my brother took care of an automatism in the anti-sdi weapons, which turn off irreversibly all sdi weapons, before I go in any kind of trap. I know myself and therefore also how my brother thinks and plans. Yet if it would theoretically the case that Vivian Janov gets me into her new kind of trap Arthur Janov, all general attorneys and the police of the side of anti-sdi must be accused. I am sure amnesty international will take care of it or also Human Right Watch. Because Arthur Janov and the investigators and all the stupid journalists who help him to condition me according to Arthur Janov’s will, they all would have to carry responsibility in their failure by having me in Vivian Janov’s trap, by never minding the endless torture and all the wars, murders nature’s catastrophes caused by the sdi weapon, the hunger of millions of humans, of which they die, altogether of the total loss of human dignity also due to the investigations because since it chased for them Vivian Janov may act as cruel as she loves and is seen worldwide.
    I guess, Vivian Janov believes now that she can get me arrested, that her helpers then catch my keys, which is very important for her, because she uses her keys in therapy as the mouse for the sdi robots directed on the brains of her primal patients. When the helpers have my keys she has a program which mutes as if they program the National Socialism, the world War and so forth. And then she at once will start a sdi program which causes an chemical accident much worse than that at the Kraft factory. That is she will at once kill the hell of humans in Germany and spread at the same time dark brown gases (referring to the brown Nazis or may be yellow gases or light green gas as if they are mass destruction weapons like with concentrated sulfur hydrogen and chlor -acid. Well the brown gas of nitric acid in Germany refers to that she is ready for the repetition of the National Socialism in Germany again. Yet a huge amount of a very poisonous gas she can create by melting the castors in the salt formation Gorleben. By melting the castors and the glass she sweeps the radioactive dust then through the cave to saline rockets. As they are swept against the salt rockets their huge velocity is broken down. The electrons of the ß-beams react with the sodium cation and the He-cations if the Alpha-beams reduce the chloride anions to the chlorgas and lower oxidation states of chlor. They form with watermolecules also extremely poisonous gases. Some of them are colored similar to the nitric acid.
    These will be swept in the atmosphere by the explosive reactions due to the ß-beams with the sodium cation of the salt. Of course the sdi weapons can steer where the poisonous gases are swept to. I don `t know, but most probably Vivian Janov will do it at night an has a program which accelerates the swept of the poisonous clouds all over Germany just like she just accelerated the velocity of fall of Baumgartner from the stratosphere down to earth. Last not least she must not sweep the poisonous gas clouds completely through Germany. She just needs to do it a little bit and kills the rest of Germans by her sdi weapons.
    Or she creates such a huge poisonous cloud and spreads it for example through Hannover, the next large city, so that complete Germany and mankind can be additionally shocked so tremendously with the sdi weapons that just all humans here become steerable by her sdi weapons and federal chancellor Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble actually belonging to the side of anti-sdi claim the start of the national socialism then.

    Well, these are the primary reasons why we suffer from a stupid economical system which had been introduced by US president Ronald Reagan. Nancy R., his wife, was the sdi ruler and maker of the Second World War. In 1987 I had started to write round letters to politics. I had written also to the secretary general Mikhail Gorbachev and claimed in my first letter to him that we people do not want any weapons neither in the sky nor on earth. Reagan was trying those days to persuade Mikhail Gorbachev to install a SDI system in the space too. He wanted to ruin the Soviet Union financially. Because the war has taken place all the time with the sdi weapons and the Harper.
    Michal Gorbachev reacted spontaneously to my letter by telling Reagan that he wants the total zero solution. Furthermore he would not discuss anymore about the arming up of the Strategy Defense Initiative Weapons. He is uninterested, will not say one single word to it anymore and Regan can do with it whatever he wants.
    Reagan stopped to talk about it. But secretly he and his followers in the US Republican party started to arm up the space with atom bombs, so that they can do their world war by themselves and impute if dictatorships or Israel would start the first atom bomb. In truth they lower down an atom bomb above a country and let it fly from there to the goal. If the Iran for example is being hit, Russia seems to help the Iran, so that nowadays the Bush clan and especially Dick Cheney would lower down atom bombs above Russia. When Dick Cheney was the vice president of Bush junior he mainly planned “World War Defense Plans”, in truth World War Plans with their atom bombs in the space. The attitude that Russia and China support Syria helps of course to stay greedy and want to start such a world war. Therefore the upper politicians of these countries support Assad.
    Now Vivian Janov and the Cheneys seem to be ready for it. Vivian Janov has indicated it by the brown gaseous cloud at the food factory “Kraft” Kraft is the German translation for physical force! For example for gravitational force.
    Because Mikhail Gorbachev reacted so promptly and so strongly peace willing to my letter, I felt encouraged and wrote to him a second letter. In this I told him my experience how I, the new beginner in neuroscience, had handled the director of my department of research that in his logical thinking of the fundamental theory of the nervous system is something wrong. He believed in genetics totally. Such researchers make logical mistakes in their thinking and by discussing with him I could find out where his logical mistake is, which makes him believe that all illnesses and so forth are inherited.

    I described Mikhail Gorbachev how I psychologically handled that director so that he revealed his thinking mistake. I described to Mikhail Gorbachev, because I wrote him in my first sentences how I would handle President Reagan for making him agree to arm down. I had observed the behavior of Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, when they met in autumn 1985 in Geneva. Mikhail Gorbachev wanted already then to arm down. But with a superior and triumphing smile in his face (which I knew so well from Vivian Janov too, when she had defeated me by her shock therapy), Reagan said at the end of this meeting and as he and Mikhail Gorbachev shook hands “We could not agree in arming down.” On the other hand I had seen Michael Gorbachev’s face before he had sat down at this table. His body and his face expressed a total will of peace. Because I was aware of this very strong of will of peace of Mikhail Gorbachev, I had also written to him in 1987/8 and started with these letters. Upon my second letter, in which I described him how I had handled the genetic theorist at the Max Planck Institute, the director of the research department in which I had started to work for my doctor title (which I had to stop), Mikhail Gorbachev again reacted spontaneously. He gave order to his men, preparing the next contract for arming down weapons and only then asked US president Reagan if he may visit him in Washington DC. Michael Gorbachev took care that the ARD and ZDF correspondents (ARD and ZDF are the two main public TV emitters of Germany) got to know it, that is were present so that they could report it in the news “Tagessschau” and “Tagesthemen”. Therefore I got to know always Michael and Raissa Gorbachevi’s reactions to my letters. It took a while till Reagan answered. He agreed to the summit in Washington DC, the first one, which took place in December 1987. Directly afterwards, I got to know from the “heute journal” in the TV emitter ZDF that Reagans had finally agreed to the question or pledge of Michael Gorbachev because Nancy Reagan wanted to take care by this summit that her husband would be nominated for the noble price of peace. When I got to know this I became very angry and wrote my only one letter to Ronald and Nancy Reagan. The former SPD chancellor Helmut Schmidt received my original letter, because he lived nearby me and possesses a personal archive without faked documents (in politics almost all documents inarchives are forged by secret agents for thus maintaining the wrong history). Helmut Schmidt, also chancellor, when Reagan was president, Michail Gorbachev, Federal president Richard von Weizsäcker and his wife and ex-mayor Klaus von Dohnanyi received this letter too. I had written their addresses on top of the letter and above of it all my scientifically qualifications. Reagans thereupon gave one interview to the Washington correspondent of the ARD just ahead of climbing in their plane for flying to their ranch, because it was weekend. The correspondent asked them if it is true that they have given order to produce mass destruction weapons for storage of all series of mass storage weapons available at that time in the USA. Dick Cheney, vice president of US president Bush junior and the secretary of defense of the elder Bush had done research on mass destruction weapons in the CIA as a young fellow together with Donald Rumsfeld, who had been the secretary of defense under Reagan and later on under Bush junior. They had developed a lot of mass destruction weapons and moreover explored them on humans, most probably on prisoners of the CIA similar to the prisoners in Guantanamo. Mainly they performed experiments with nervous poisons. I saw a documentary about this almost two decades agon on the French/German TV emitter “arte”. As far as I remember these secret war experiments was called “The Undertaking Avocado.” It expresses which kinds of politicians in our Western Democracies may rule and are successful in gaining the trust of the people, which is mostly steered in their thoughts, sentences will and thus decisions. It is when one is conditioned most perfectly by fears or shocks, which mostly are of subtle nature, that one is steerable in oneself’s behavior completely.

    Because I had written all my natural and neuroscientifical qualifications up on top of the letter (I did it, because it had been told in the news that Raissa Gorbacheva was a professor for literature, yet Nancy Reagan had not even graduated from high school), I had put this on top of the letter. Since now Reagans admitted both to the ARD correspondent to have given order to enhance the production of all series of mass destruction weapons, I knew that Reagans had given up in still aiming at the noble prize of peace. And confirmed it by arming up!!!
    Only later I got to know by the “Tagesthemen” that Ronald and Nancy Reagan had set up a Secret World War Plan instead. This one had in mind that a bomb would be put into the room of security around a certain atomic power plant in Germany. A secret agent would place it. A security man from the atomic power plant would find it. He should have called up the federal chancellor office at once. And chancellor Kohl was to call up at once the NATO, whose most upper chief was Reagan. He had already prepared emergency laws, which counted for all NATO countries. The US president can do it for the USA without having to ask the federal parliament at all. He does it together with the FEMA, a Federal Emergency Administration, which also lied about the true reasons of the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Vivian Janov collapsed them with the sdi weapons and even left a physical proof of her acting!! Nancy Regan commanded the FEMA to lie. And the Wall Street in not publishing a warning. And the US Air Force in sending planes for steering the Boeings not from the military base near by New York but instead from Washington DC. These ones were too late of course.
    The SPD magazine had published parts of this world war plan and the moderator of the “Tagesthemen” repeated them. Thus the outbreak of this war was stopped.
    The Secret World War Plan was Reagans’ expression of jealousy to my letter to them and my friendship with Gorbachevi , Schmidts and von Weizsäckers.
    But this Secret World War Plan was not the only one. . Bush senior who plays Michael Gorbachev’s friend till today had sent his secretary of defense, Dick Cheney in late summer 1989 to Moscow just after Michael Gorbachev instead of Reagans had received the noble price of peace for his Perestroika and Glastnow and his opening to the West. Bush senior and Dick Cheney became so jealous to that Dick Cheney took a different Secret World War Plan to Moscow. The ZDF had emitted a documentary about it years later. It had received it from his US partner program US History Channel. Of course the war which should have taken place before the wall between East and West Germany dropped was not called as the world War Secret Plan. But since it was told that at a very precisely determined moment of time ahead of the beginning of the invasion of troops of the former DDR the shooting of a Pershing with an atomic head on the Kremlin or on Moscow was determined it became evident that the reporter talked of the World War Secret Plan, which Dick Cheney had taken to Moscow in 1989 as a jealous answer of the noble price of peace for Michail Gorbachev. I got to know it by Mikhail Gorbachev at once himself still sitting at the table with Cheney and his delegation. This means Cheney had come for this reason only to Moscow. When Wolfgang Schäuble recently told twice to the ARD/ZDF, once in Brussels that they may not film and tape what is talked about when the politicians meet and talk about financial stuff, he talks about exactly those matters, which are discussed behind the censored Medias. Everyone has to take part or he is killed or almost killed as Wolfgang Schäuble himself in 1993, because he was working at the expansion of our federal constitution together with a politician from the former German Democratic Republic, named DDR in German. Federal chancellor Kohl wanted the property of the former Eastgerman party SED to be returned to the big land loaners from the time ahead of 1948. All the time Wolfgang Schäuble and Günther Krause worked silently at the extension of our federal constitution. But coming to this law, Wolfgang Schäuble said in public: “The land will be returned to the simile people from the time after 1948.” Because Wolfgang Schäuble had been resistive, he had been shot a little bit later on. The balls from the pistol were not to kill him, because he is very intelligent and was very much accepted as well and therefore even necessary for chancellor Kohl, who has never been bright and of a kind of character, which is just being admired by a bad class of humans. By the balls the body of Wolfgang Schäuble was paralyzed instead. When Wolfgang Schäuble went in offense to federal chancellor Kohl, it was in truth because I had written to him in 1999 and described him how chancellor Kohl had reacted in 1993 upon my letter to him, in which I wrote to the chancellor that Wolfgang Schäuble belongs to my side, to my friends, that is to Mikhail Gorbachev, Helmut Schmidt and Richard von Weizsäcker. Wolfgang Schäuble would just simulate to be paralyzed. In truth he is healthy. Those days I had not dared to believe that the side of anti-sdi would admit any cruel deed. And did not know yet that all wars and almost all crimes are programmed by Vivian Janov with her sdi weapons, a few in private lifes by the other sdi rulers, also everyone from Vivian Janov’s therapy. Chancellor Kohl flew at once in his helicopter to the university clinic of Freiburg and visited Wolfgang Schäuble at his bed. Afterwards he appeared in front of the Medias outdoors. To his right was the doctor of the station, to his left the clinic director. The clinic director had to proclaim the diagnosis of Wolfgang Schäuble, word by word. Fortunately he did it in Latin. Years later I saw an interview with chancellor Kohl , the so called program “Zeitzeugen” of the ZDF. In this one chancellor Kohl complained how the journalists had crowded around him outdoor of the clinic when he stepped outdoors. He felt disgusted about the journalists. Both, this interview and what he did after he had stepped out of the clinic is stored in an archive.
    With other words: chancellor Kohl had started to panic upon my letter that he was fooled who though dictated behind the scene what politics has to be. He has used his friend Boris Yelzin ( the Russian president after Michails Gorbachevs revolt by the CIA in common with KGB collaborators in order of Reagans and other ones) for arming up for Kohl and his EU the space against Reagan. The reason why the EU has taken in so many partners of the former Warschauer Pakt Staaten is for forming a huger enemy against the USA then just the Soviet Union. Earlier Germany had to be part of the USA. But when I started my u work by writing all my letters and later on emails, Helmut Schmidt soon said: ”The EU needs its own defense.” So Kohl took care of it and therefore commanded which former countries of the Warschauer Pakt-states may join, while in fakes all of it is imputed to Helmut Schmidt. Also Greece was to join, because it had once founded the democracy and abolished it again in 200 after Christ. Actually Greek politicians should take care of the economical ruin for making the world war possible. It is said that even if the EFSF would give money to the Greek politicians at once in the high of its depth, Greece would make deep depths again at once. This means it has to be in depth for it is an important part of Cheney’s and other ones Secret `World War Plan in common. So here one recognizes the true reason why federal chancellor Kohl was so much the enhancer of the EU.
    Well, when Wolfgang Schäuble just told that the EU needs a commissar with more rights for determine in financial matters, this sounds good on the one hand, because then the evil discussions about spending money for arming up and making the people suffer seems to stop. But on the other hand if the financial EU commissar would have the right to reject financial matters of EU states and thus control the economies by only himself, Vivian Janov would at once blackmail him to be at her mercy. Certain politicians; who all are sdi collaborators, would think of a very destructive kind of economies for the EU, one still worse then the existing one, which already makes humans poorer and poorer. The commissar of finances would have to fulfill the commands if the sdi war collaborators, because Vivian Janovs aim is to make all humans steerable. A very good method for his is to make humans suffer from deep existence fears because they lack from enough money to live half away in human dignity. Yet deep existence fears distance from the capability to feel one’s own feelings. Yet having such a distance to one’s own self that is to one’s own feelings, one is degraded to a robot and can be steered like such one.
    This is what politics is about and has been in our democracies since democracy exists or since the sdi rule exists. It exists definitely since about the First World War. Or even longer? Already in the middle age the gravitational force had been discovered by an ingenius physicist of that time. I believe Galilee was the forerunner of it.

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