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Money and Sustainability, The Missing Link by Bernard Lietaer, Christian Arnsperger, Sally Goerner and Stefan Brunnhuber

Submitted by on May 29, 2012 – 3:59 pm5 Comments

Pioneering new research from the Club of Rome

In 1972, the first Report for the Club of Rome – The Limits to Growth – famously spelled out the unsustainable consequences of an economic system that demands infinite growth in a finite world.

Just as The Limits to Growth exposed the catastrophic flaws in our economic system, this new Report from the Club of Rome exposes the systemic flaws in our money system and the wrong thinking that underpins it. It describes the ongoing currency and banking crises we must expect if we continue with the current monopoly system – and the vicious impact of these crises on our communities, our society as a whole and our environment.

It finishes by setting out clear, practical proposals for creating a money ‘ecosystem’ with complementary currencies to support and stabilise the current money system.

Greece and the eurozone crisis: the authors show that one of these proposals (Civics) could be applied, on the ground, now, across Europe, to reduce unemployment, mitigate the adverse social effects of the currency crisis and create a sustainable and flexible money system for the future. This alone makes it essential reading for policy makers, business leaders and economists, anybody concerned about sustainability (environmental, social, climate change), those working in the fields of monetary systems and anyone with an informed interest in the future of the planet.

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  • bruno says:

    Mr. Bernard

    Are your proposals being submited to the european parliament or comission?

    Despite local iniciatives with smallmacro economic impact and expansibility I found very hard for national governments and parliaments to take serious projects materialised. Maybe I am wrong , there are some things happening in greece parliament to help barter iniciatives. Needs development.

  • John, Slovakia says:

    Dear Mr Lietaer, I would like to ask whether you are going to hold webinars, web seminars, for the masses, who are interested, and don’t have the possibility to attend phisical conferences in certain countries or continents?

    The two major players are GoToMeeting and Webex, however, a new, significant player in the webconference field, (formerly GVO) could be a great solution.

    I have no interest in promoting this, but I am a fan of alternative currencies and your teachings. costs the tenth of its competitors, and provides a multi-lingual surface, with the possibility for multiple admins, for audio-visual representation of the host and selected guests (for temporary co-hosts), with it, the full computer screen or a browser or a powerpoint software can also be shown, drawings can be created.

    I hope you will hold webconferences, as physical distance is a great challenge, and digital solutions – as the initial Kindle edition for your third book, New Money for a New World – support global awakening in a quickening way.

    Thank you for your work.

  • Bernard Lietaer says:

    For Bruno:
    The formal approach to the European Parliament will be through Finance Watch to which this Report was transmitted by the Club of Rome. It is their role to provide information to the European Parliament on all monetary and banking issues…

  • Wiebke Repenning says:

    Wiebke Repenning
    Aurbacherstr. 4
    81541 Munich
    Germany Munich, July 18, 2012

    Dear Mr. Prof. Litaer,
    Quite a while ago I read your both books, which were already translated into German as well as books of you and Margret Kennedy in common.
    Now: I am a bait of crime for a lot of federal or highest state attorneys worldwide, because mankind and also politics is ruled by insane persons who control the brains of humans, technique and even the nature as weather and climate with the so called self defense intelligence weapons. They are virtual computers, which for example display humans on their virtual monitors. They then will be manipulated in behavior by the sdi rulers. These computers can also transact or transfer the insane feelings and also thoughts and when one tells them into the brains of the displayed persons from the persons using such computers. Of course there exist also a lot of software programs which stir the behavior of humans constantly. Also any computer can as well most easily be manipulated by these self defense intelligence weapons, because the weapon which is attached to the sdi computer and controlled by software, ray gravitational force in any charge. Already Albert Einstein discovered mentally which then was proved experimentally in May 1919 that the gravitational force of our sun does not only attract its planets but can as well attract beams of electric magnetic fields at the spot where the gravitational force interferes with a spread electric magnetic beam. By attracting the beam its wavelength changes. So red light changes to blue light. (Or was it the other way around?)
    The assistant of Albert Einstein, Benish Hofmann, working at Princeton university for Albert Einstein, wrote in a book of physics about the reason of the end of the First world War, hat is because Albert Einstein’s formula of “Gravitational sift of Red Light” had been proved experimentally and this had been published. Albert Einstein only now became famous to the complete world, also to the none scientifically one and the First World War stopped only now. Surely also because the sdi ruler was very afraid Einstein might tell of him. Meantime physicists know – at least those who deal with gravitational force and Albert Einstein’s famous Relativity Theories that gravitational force interacts with every other imaginable physical force. It cannot change an atom into another one. But except for this the gravitational force or waves can change about everything. The only point to be respected is that the attacking gravitational force must in the range of intensity or strength as the one to be changed.
    Because this hypothesis of Albert Einstein in his one Relativity Theory had been experimentally proved at sun darkness and was then published on May 29, 1919 only then the First World War stopped finally. It was thought to be started again in June 12, 1919 by the sdi ruler of that time, a very rich man from oil and from the USA. Because he felt looked through he did not dare anymore. s a bait of crime I helped the investigators in being successful in proceeding in collecting proofs of investigations by writing and sending round emails to high politicians in Germany , Brussels, USA, Moskau, China and earlier also to GB. These round emails to politicians I also have always sent to the German Federal Attorney General, often also to the ones in the USA. and for being sure that I cannot be accused by politicians I additionally sent them t a lot of print medias and TV stations, who would then publish my emails and the investigations for preventing to put me into prison, because of course the criminal sdi collaborators in politics and secret services .
    Since I am a bait of crime since 1987, meantime the complete sdi history since its start in the beginning of the twentieth century has been investigated and proofs collected of the criminal acting ones. So for example it was Nancy Reagan who stirred completely the behavior of Hitler and a lot more of the Nazis. The rest had to keep silent.
    This way it still happens in politics. There are sdi collaborators, who cooperate with the main sdi ruler Vivian Janov, a shock conditioning therapist, who disguises herself as a primal Hebraist from Dr. Arthur Janov
    Since the investigations of the history of the sdi rule had ended in about March or April of this year, it is now the turn of investigating of Vivian Janov misusing Drs. Arthur and France Janov as therapists. Since Vivian Janov is insane and has give a raping police man, who obeys a Nazi (national socialistic) politician in Germany who was the secretary for inner matters under federal chancellor Kohl who as well is a sdi collaborator, it is obvious to me that it was Vivian Janov who in an shaming way for herself has added the advertisement of Viagra to the Google search, when you google for Arthur Jan or France Janov. She is so greedy and ill in her greed that she forgets that she ridicules herself with it, since all of her crimes will become public when the investigations have finished soon.

    Vivian Janov tyrannizes a lot of chiefs of head quarters in business. She stirs completely the behavior of all men from finances who do speculations or she commands/ stirs the behavior of the rating agency employees. Of course she has a lot of software programs which control the computers in every speculating center and stock market she chases me day for day to get me murdered by her helpers in secret services and other ones like the raping policeman or a Mafiosi living next to me who has as well been engaged by Berlusconi. Yet she never gets me into her trap. Her feelings of euphoria and depression she expresses by the rising and fall of the curve of the Dow Jones and the German DAX – because she can most easily manipulate al computers in the financial system world wide
    She rules and determines how policy and how the financial system has to be supported by Nancy Reagan both former Bush presidents, a former family from banking. And their best friends in their Republican party, dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, surely also Romney as well five US democrats

    Now, I had been busy with emailing all the years. Now I want to sue and thus abolish our banking system and actually introduce your proposals. There is one matter: in your book “Das Geld der Zukunft” you have described that you had done speculations for a while too. You too had become ice cold, rücksichtslos and greedy. Since I also could send my emails to the constitutional judges of Germany I used to explain t them that these specluants destroy their inner dignity by this work, because they become very ill from this business, namely addicted and greedy, which is a very neurotic and therefore ill feeling. You, Mr. Bernard Litaer have told in your book yourself hat you had turned to such an inhuman person that is ne without human dignity, yourself but you were essentially a healthy person who possess human dignity or a healthy psyche or soul one with intact self validity. Therefore you could stop this insane kind of making money.
    But just because you have written this I could argue opposite the judges that our financial system with the speculations, but also with the debts (Zinsen) is an ill one, one which destroys the soul and thus hurts the human rights and human dignity
    since I know that the Club of Rome will not have success because Vivian Janov ca most easily murder with her sdi weapons and make it look like dying from a heavy illness, because she created this killing illness with the sdi weapons, the politicians in Brussels will not have the success to introduce your ideas in policy also there are very many who are completely controlled in their behavior that is also what they think, say and want politically. And then there are the few, but very mighty sdi collaborators.
    But the judges cannot be radioguided by the sdi weapons. Therefore I ask you now:
    Would you help me in setting u the text for the sue, a sue which I would start in Germany, you in your countries and which can then be transferred to the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg for having all European countries applying your financial system
    Since I have written a lot to president Obama and also to president Putin and president Hu from China and China’s prime minister, I do know that they themselves belong to the anti-sdi side. Therefore and because the investigations come to an end, we can hope that your Terra will be introduced as well as your ideas and Mrs. Kennedys in more than just a few countries
    When the investigations will be finished, the sdi weapons and all other killing and disturbing ones will be turned off by the anti-sdi weapons for ever, the criminal sdi rulers and collaborators will be arrested and accused
    But t bring the investigations t the end, it would be extremely helpful if you agree and let me know not only via email but also via the public, that is the medias, that you will go to court and sue.
    It is obvious that our financial system hurts human rights worldwide and had been introduced for this reason to by US president Reagan and his wife (the neoliberalism is their act, but had been supported tremendously by the two Bus presidents as they also supported as sdi collaborators that men from banks like the chief of the Lehman brothers and other banks and rating agency bundle bad fond papers or in which way they are called in English for having the first finance crisis occur in 2008. The next one is coming up by the EMS and EFSF and the contracts for them done in Brussels since most politicians are stirred cemetery in their behavior so that they will continue to make high depths (Schulden) and finally run Europe into the bankrupt.

    So please help me and prepare a text for a suing. Since you have just published a new boo with other authors in English only yet, you can take this one as the written sue and of course the other one “The Money of the Future” too. Best is of course, if you have described clearly how our current financial system makes peoples poorer and poorer, waists the nature and environment and destroys thus human dignity. In this part that is how to formulate that the human rights are most deeply hurt even with wars has to be counted, I can help you

    Actually I may not open my email account anymore. You may write to me, but should know that the USA possesses laws which allow that all emails are collected by secret services, The Bushes and so forth would get to read yours. Well hat for sure is not the worst. Best is you add my email and take yours as your answer. Please send it also to the German Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG, on their homepage are all of their addresses. Since you cannot complain there, sent it as private letter or email and add that the judges should read it for being more objective with respect to the sue of Germans against the last decisions in Brussels, which allow that the politics pay bancs directly from the EMS and EFSF and so forth. The judges will certainly be very pleased to have your sight of view, which is a very human one and they will also sort of order the politic of Germany then to change their laws in such a way that your proposals are followed in politics. The club of Rome has no chance at all in Brussels. But via our German “Bundesverfassungsgericht” you have best chances that your ideas become true in politics especially since federal chancellor Merkel and the secretary of finances have importance in Brussels. Claude Juncker will agree at once too, I am sure. It is just that you must find the way or order of range that will help you in having finally success with having your ideas become politics.
    Then I must not pen up my email account yet can be sure that the sdi criminals read it.
    Actually I am afraid that you might be killed. Therefore it is necessary that you go into public with the idea of a su. you may tell that I have asked you and work as a bait of crime for 25 years now for changing the turn of the wheel of history into the right direction from the wrong one as it rolls on since more than one century due to the rile of the self defense intelligence weapons and their possessors and collaborators. Nancy Reagan was no politician when she riled the Second World War But she became the first Lady of the USA and thus became active in politics since she dictated her husband in what to do politically. She still dictates political departments and other administrations lay also the “Aufsichtsbehörde of the Wall Street.” She commanded the watching administration of the Wall Street in not publishing a warning ahead of September 11, 2001,whernthe Twin towers were crashed by the sdi weapons in truth and the two planes just “vorgeschoben”) There exist clear physical profs that the twin towers had been crashed by the sdi weapons), Because this was planned a lot of employees of the Bush administrating bought or lent these wall street papers, which one leans, sells and rebuys. They knew that the companies in the Twin towers would have stocks, which most rapidly loose their validity die to the bankrupts as a result of the crash of the Twin towers. I was Nancy Reagan whom forbade the Wall Street Watching Administration to pronounce a warning due to the many bought “Empty stocks” or how they are called. She also commanded to have fighters fly from Washington Dc instead from the military base from New York for capturing the two planes. The ones from Washington DC came too late. So Nancy Reagan helped Vivian Janov to crash the Twin towers with her, Vivian Janovs sdi weapons
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    Yet when I was twenty years old, Vivian Janov tried to murder me by causing with her sdi weapons a car accident. But the anti-sdi weapons saved my life and the lives of my dad and my one bother driving wit me too. Anti sdi did it so spectacular by opposing our physical laws as they occur in on the surface of our planet that even Vivian Janov realized that there exist weapons which can interfere in her sdi weapons, stop them and continue then the life saving. The car she was allowed to crash s that I would understand it one day, who I am a chemist and physical chemist and as such also firm in fundamental principles of physics.

    Vivian Janov felt guilty because she had been detected. She expressed her guilt and hat she had lost by stirring politicians to formulate her law that is she formulated it and put it into their brains. This paragraph in our federal constitution expresses her ambition. It is the paragraph twenty, number four. She wanted to start the National Socialism again if she would have made it to get me murdered. She expresses it her way in this paragraph as well as she acknowledges the ant-sdi weapons by allowing “resistance” to the people

    So go ahead. The best way is to go to court and sue for a changed financial system.

    Further emails I do not send to you till you have made public that you will sue at constitutional courts and look for people in other counties sharing your sue so that they can sue in their country. It is possible in all countries in the world where the Magna Charta for Human Rights of the UNO is ratified. So it is possible in complete Europe because the European Court for Human Rights deals with the Magna Charta of the UN.
    May be you like to publish this email as a comment. I therefore ask people to tell it to their friends via Facebook, Twitter and you Tube to read it and make it public. I myself may not use Facebook or You Tube or similar matters, because the criminal secret agents, those who are part of the sdi collaboration, are very good in hacking. They would publish falsifications in my name, even falsified videos.

    Wiebke Repenning (female)

    July 18, 2012

  • independent living san diego says:

    I am loving your blog. Great content and very informative.

    We could use something like this for people in San Diego.

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