What can governments do to address the banking crisis, remedy unemployment, poverty and ecological threats, and create conditions for sustainable abundance?


How can time-tested currency innovations such as mutual credit systems help businesses of all sizes deal with cash flow shortages and monetary instability?


What can communities do to leverage their untapped wealth and connect resources that would otherwise remain unused with needs that would otherwise remain unmet?


What can scientific and academic research tell us about how to design and implement more effective and resilient monetary systems?

Currency Proposals

What types of complementary currencies could help us overcome current obstacles to the flourishing of our educational, energy, commercial, and other systems?

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The Chicago Plan Revisited, Live webcast of the debate between Michael Kumhof and Bernard Lietaer in Stockholm, January 28th 2013.

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“Financial reform for a sustainable economy”

3 Great lectures :

  1. Michael Kumhof  IMFdiscussed the Chicago Plan
  2. Bernard Lietaer about Complementary Currencies and Eco Systems,
  3. Then they answer questions


global utmaning

בכנס מרתק שנערך בשבדיה התקיים מפגש בין ברנרד ליאטר ומייקל קומהוף
ידידנו קרל הנריק רוברט מייסד ה-

TNS (The Natural Step)
שהיה כאן עם ברנרד בשנה שעברה מוסיף שאלה
ומדהים לשמוע את הערתו הכנה של מייקל על מטבעות משלימים…


Michael Kumhof discussed the Chicago Plan and how to create a sustainable economy

“Financial reform for a sustainable economy”: Part 2: Michael Kumhof


Are there solutions to the financial crisis that at the same time would provide a leap towards a more sustainable, green economy? Global Utmaning´s expert group on green economy organizes seminar #9 in the series: Key issues for a green economy, with Michael Kumhof, IMF and Bernard Lietaer, author of the book ”Money the missing link in sustainability”. Here you can watch the live webb casts from the seminar on the 28th of January.

Michael Kumhof, Deputy Chief of the Modeling Division in the IMF Research Department, follows by providing a review of the Chicago plan, which was originally presented by Irving Fisher as a policy proposal to combat the Great Depression. Using a formal DSGE-model, Michael Kumhof has not only been able to validate Irving Fishers claims of boom-bust cycle stabilization, financial stability and debt reduction, but he has also presented convincing evidence that the plan would result in real output gains.

Bernard’s Lecture

“Financial reform for a sustainable economy”: Part 3 Bernard Lietaer


“Financial reform for a sustainable economy” is a seminar hosted by Swedish think tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) with keynote speaker Michael Kumhof, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Bernard Lietaer, international expert on monetary systems and the author of the book “Money the missing link in sustainability”. Kumhof and Lietaer answered questions from the moderator Anders Wijkman, Swedish politician and debater, and the audience.

Panel discussion

“Financial reform for a sustainable economy”:  Part 5 Panel discussion – Published on Jan 30, 2013.


The Chicago Plan Revisited, Revised Draft of February 12, 2013.


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