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Rethinking Money, How new currencies turn scarcity into prosperity by Jacqui Dunne and Bernard Lietaer

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rethinking money book cover

Rethinking Money points out that there is a way, in fact a thousand ways, to stop our current juggernaut towards global self-destruction. There is a system of solutions already in place in localities throughout the world where terrible problems have existed. The changes came about, not through the redistribution of wealth, increased conventional taxation, bond measures or enlightened self-interest from corporate entities, but rather, by people simply rethinking the concept of money. With that restructuring, everything changed.

Remedies for Government, Business and Entrepreneurship, NGOs and the Civil Society, and the private citizen are offered. The book also presents clear validation, speaking plainly and directly to general interest readers. This work promises to strike a deep chord with audiences eager to find meaningful, thought-provoking answers.

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  • Mike Riddell says:

    Greetings from Wigan!!!

    At the risk of sounding sychophantic, it’s great to see you’ve published another book.

    When are you coming across to the UK? We’d love to have you talk to our Community of Community Currency practioners. Something special is happening in England’s north-west and you should come over and be a part of it.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Jose Verdugo says:

    Alternatively, new types of money are being developed to complement the dominant currency. Over the past 40 years, the number of complementary currencies has grown from two to many thousands. Time is proving that these new currencies can be designed to fulfill vital functions that the dominant currency cannot and that they actually strengthen the overall monetary system. This is leading to a whole new way of thinking about money. Money is an agreement between people about how to structure exchanges. It can be used to connect unmet needs with unused resources, however a community decides to define those terms. And money can be designed to shape behavior in ways that are positive for individuals and for society, that encourage cooperation, trust, protecting the environment and sharing prosperity.

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