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Intro workshop Zurich 30

The workshop “„becoming neighbors”“ in September 2012 in Zurich had started in the beginning of 2012 with the simple idea to explore the potential of a community currency for the new development area in Zurich Leutschenbach, Switzerland.

In charge of a housing development in this area is the building association Mehralswohnen, who were instantly interested in the idea and the cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) to form and conduct a summer school workshop with the topic of community currencies.

In today’s world “becoming neighbours” embraces also other countries, continents, and other societies with the their culture, understanding and local situation. Not only an academic, but also our collective knowledge level is in demand here.

In consequence the FHNW opened the circle to a broader scope of contacts with the result that we were able to conduct a workshop with 30 participants of twelve different countries out of 4 continents bringing in their ideas, energy and sharing their knowledge.

In total the week was an intensive and diverse workshop, with a variety of academic lectures, personal exchange groups, sightseeing and open space workshop.  People of different ages, cultures, different professional fields and knowledge level connected and shared ideas and developed together six community currencies for six very different situations worldwide within a week.

This output is extraordinary like the atmosphere of the entire workshop.  It is a big shared hope that the participants stay connected and keep on developing their projects in their countries. We also hope that this workshop “zurich 30” week is a kick-start in the world of community currencies with many more practical projects and workshops around our planet.

Link to the wiki here: https://sites.google.com/site/zurichthirty/