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Bernard Lietaer gives talks and seminars all around the world to a wide range of audiences, including:

  • governments looking for solutions against inflation, unmployment and financial crises;
  • businesses looking for ways to deal with cash flow shortages etc
  • not-for-profits and community organizations who are looking for better ways to connect untapped resources and unmet needs;
  • financial planners who seek to support their clients in thinking about money issues in healthier ways;
  • innovative thinkers who seek to understand the role that money can play in solving challenges in their respective fields
  • fellow currency designers


Below are the topics about which Bernard speaks most frequently:

  • The nature and origins of money
  • The impact of different money systems on individual and collective consciousness and behavior
  • The role that monetary innovations can play in solving the great challenges of our times
  • Different monetary solutions to banking and economic crises
  • Innovative monetary tools for businesses, governments and communities
  • The implications of complexity theory for sustainable development
  • The overall state of the complementary currency movement

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