What can governments do to address the banking crisis, remedy unemployment, poverty and ecological threats, and create conditions for sustainable abundance?


How can time-tested currency innovations such as mutual credit systems help businesses of all sizes deal with cash flow shortages and monetary instability?


What can communities do to leverage their untapped wealth and connect resources that would otherwise remain unused with needs that would otherwise remain unmet?


What can scientific and academic research tell us about how to design and implement more effective and resilient monetary systems?

Currency Proposals

What types of complementary currencies could help us overcome current obstacles to the flourishing of our educational, energy, commercial, and other systems?

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Sustainability and Money Systems

May 20, 2010 – 2:36 am |

What is the relationship between our money systems and sustainability?   In this video interview, Bernard Lietaer explains that our current money system programs us into short-term thinking, and is consequently a systemic cause of unsustainability.
“NB: …

Quantifying Economic Sustainability: Implications for Free-Enterprise Theory, Policy, and Practice

February 22, 2010 – 12:09 am |

“Quantifying Economic Sustainability: Implications for Free-Enterprise Theory, Policy, and Practice.” Co-authored with Sally J. Goerner and Robert E. Ulanowicz, in Ecological Economics, Vol. 69, n. 1, December 15, 2009
Important Copyright Note: you are welcome to …