What can governments do to address the banking crisis, remedy unemployment, poverty and ecological threats, and create conditions for sustainable abundance?


How can time-tested currency innovations such as mutual credit systems help businesses of all sizes deal with cash flow shortages and monetary instability?


What can communities do to leverage their untapped wealth and connect resources that would otherwise remain unused with needs that would otherwise remain unmet?


What can scientific and academic research tell us about how to design and implement more effective and resilient monetary systems?

Currency Proposals

What types of complementary currencies could help us overcome current obstacles to the flourishing of our educational, energy, commercial, and other systems?

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Making money for business: currencies, profit and long-term thinking by Bernard Lietaer and Gwendolyn Hallsmith

October 17, 2011 – 4:24 pm |

In brief:
Businesses have tended to leave the question of how the monetary system works to the government, central banks, and the banking system. Yet in doing so they miss the opportunity to solve key monetary and …

A Call for Research

July 19, 2010 – 8:13 am |

After more than 30 years of practical experience and 15 years of academic research on currency issues, I am now shifting my focus and activities toward supporting and mentoring the next generation of currency researchers.   …

The Terra TRC: A Global Complementary Currency to Stabilize the World Economy

January 14, 2010 – 10:54 pm | 5 Comments

The Terra is a global complementary currency designed to provide an inflation-resistant international standard of value; to stabilize the business cycle on a global level; and to realign stockholder’s interests with long-term sustainability.   From a …