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Many of the articles below can be read as iPapers or downloaded as a pdf document by clicking on the title.  A directory of these same articles with their abstracts is available here. Papers published in Ecological Economics, the Journal of Future Studies, and the International Journal for Social Economics, can be read here, but cannot be downloaded or printed, due to the copyright requirements of the publishers.  You can find additional articles in French, German, Dutch and Spanish in the “other languages” section of this website.

  • “A Revolutionary Idea” in Resurgence Magazine (March-April 2009, no 253).   An article about how to stabilize the economic sector by introducing alternative forms of currency; the article is only available to subscribers.


  • “A World in Balance,” by Bernard Lietaer. Published in Reflections, the journal of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL),  Summer 2003 –  Special issue on “The feminine approach to leadership.”