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Borrowers can expect savings, but the banks aren’t required to give them today’s rock-bottom rates. Under the settlement, the new rate must be at least 0.25 percentage point

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The Complete Guide to Making Money as a Streamer

The Complete Guide to Making Money as a Streamer

As technology and social media are growing at a very rapid rate both in terms of their popularity and usage we have seen more and more people take their careers online and become streamers as...

How Do Medical Insurance Companies Make Their Money

How Do Medical Insurance Companies Make Their Money

If you are someone that is unfortunate enough to live in a country that doesn’t offer free healthcare to all of its citizens, then you are probably familiar with the world of medical insurance....

Understanding Money: How the Rich Stay Rich

Understanding Money: How the Rich Stay Rich

Many people are under the incorrect impression that once you’re rich you’ll be able to stay rich without doing much, this is not the case at all. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get rich if...

Examples and Case Studies

Examples and Case Studies

There are numerous examples of successful community currencies. Time Dollars whose purpose is to “reweave community” is a currency which is now applied in several hundred communities in the...

The Complete Guide to Making Money as a Streamer

As technology and social media are growing at a very rapid rate both in terms of their popularity and usage we have seen more and more people take their careers online and become streamers as their full-time profession. Streaming has the potential to make you much more than just someone who plays games for an audience and you could actually bring your whole career onto an online platform where you can build a reputation and brand with the opportunity to earn a very nice income. The great thing about having a career like this is that it provides flexibility both in the hours you will need to work every day and the creative vision that you would like to take your work in will be completely up to you, rather than having to report to a board of creative directors who could dictate the content you produce.

In order to make money as a streamer, you will need a certain awareness of the way that the world works and how you can attract certain audiences and ensure that your message is clearly portrayed within your videos, and there are many things that you can do to achieve this.


If you want to be taken seriously within your chosen platform then it is very important that you earn the money to invest in high-quality recording and editing equipment, these days most streamers are able to record in the highest definition of picture quality so anything less than this standard that has been set is likely to affect the fan response you receive. Recording equipment doesn’t have to be expensive and you will find some pretty reasonably priced models on the market that will help to ensure your lighting and quality is sharp and clear.

Create High-quality Gaming Content

The final way that you can make money as a streamer and ensure that you are taken seriously in such a crowded industry would be to make sure that you are putting thought and effort into the streams you are doing and the content you are making. For gamers who are struggling with performing well on games during streams then it may be a good idea to use hacks to help until you improve, the most recent apex legends hack is said to be one of the best so I would definitely check it out.

Establishing a Fanbase

A huge part of making money as a streamer is the relationship and loyalty you build within your fans, for those of you that are just starting out I would highly recommend that you start marketing your social media accounts to try and build the number of followers that you have. Once you have increased your followers you will attract the attention of brands who will offer partnerships in exchange for you advertising products to your fans, this will not only help you make money but also build your relationship with brands who could offer more work in the future.


Another great way for you to make money as a streamer would be to design and create merchandise featuring some of your iconic logos or graphics work to be sold to your fans. In this industry, it is important to diversify your career and to set up your own branded merch. You are provided with peace of mind that should the streaming industry decline you will still have a business that you can profit from and expand. This is also a great way to further your relationship with your fans as you are giving them the opportunity to buy and collect one-of-a-kind items featuring someone they like.

Recovering from Debt: 6 Tips to Get a Handle on your Financial Crisis

Cutting Down on Luxury Items

One of the best things to do when you find yourself in a financial crisis is to cut down on nonessential items that you are spending your money on, it may be hard at first but once you start to stop things that you are wasting money unnecessarily on you will find that the money you save adds up to a nice amount that can be spent on trying to get the rest of your finances and debt in order. It may not be a nice feeling having to cut down on luxury items but if it can help you to get your life back on track by reducing your debts then I’m sure the struggle will be absolute; ly worth it in the long run.


Increasing Your Work Hours

Another eBay to bring extra money in that could really help you to get a handle on your finances would be to try and get some extra hours at work, depending on your employment status and the type of job you may have it may differ slightly. However, you should be able to request overtime if it is available and you could speak to your bosses about the possibility of increasing your contracted hours to increase your overall income. Sourcing extra work can have a big change in your life as you will find yourself busier and more tired during your free time, however, if you truly are serious about reducing your debts and avoiding a financial crisis then I’m afraid you’re going to have to be prepared to work for it yourself and gradually improve your situation.


Consolidating Your Debt

If you are in a situation where you find yourself with multiple debts spread across a number of different things that you have bought on credit or finance then there may be a more beneficial solution available to you. Many people are in debt and this has resulted in the development of consolidation agencies that will offer big loans so that you can pay off any debts at once and owe your money to one company that offers small repayments made over a few years. This is a great way to improve your credit score and will put you in a  better situation as you are in agreement with an individual company rather than having multiple people charging you interest and demanding repayments, consolidating your debts allows you time to think and time to raise the extra money that you need which saves a lot of stress in the long run.


Selling Your Home

A more drastic step that should be taken as a last resort and only if you really need to would be to move out of your current home and downsize to smaller more affordable accommodations. Although being in a financial crisis is very stressful you have to be realistic with what you can afford, if it turns out that this includes your home then I’m afraid you are going to have to look at alternative living arrangements that are more within your budget. You should not be too hesitant because if you need to sell your house fast you will be competing against a lot of other sellers.

However, it is likely that you will be left with a significant sum after the sale, and using this money to pay off any debts could be a great decision to take off some of the pressure and stress. It may seem daunting but moving to a new home could be just what you need to give you a fresh start where you are in a more comfortable financial situation.


Looking For a Higher Paying Job

If you feel that a lot of your financial issues are coming from not having a large enough wage then I would definitely urge you to enquire into the process of getting a pay rise, if this is not something that is possible then you may want to think about look for another job that has a wage better suited to your lifestyle. There is no harm in looking around at what other positions are available in your area and by simply sending off a few applications you could find a better paying career in no time. The more jobs you have and more experience then the more life skills you are going to learn, as well as this is you are able to secure a higher wage you can put the extra money towards bettering your financial situation and getting rid of a portion of your debts.



When you have finally gotten yourself back on track in terms of knowing where you need to send your money and cutting down on the things you don’t really need to be spending on you should set up a weekly budget of how much you are going to spend each week to help you avoid getting into a mess again. Anyone who has been in debt before will tell you how much they try and avoid repeating history and setting up a budget is a great way to keep track of your spending habits as well as limiting yourself on things that you are spending a considerable amount of money on each week.

You can set up a budget either online or by simply writing down your income and dividing it between your weekly outgoings, within your budget, you should also set some money aside to be saved so that you have money to fall back on in an emergency.

How Do Medical Insurance Companies Make Their Money

If you are someone that is unfortunate enough to live in a country that doesn’t offer free healthcare to all of its citizens, then you are probably familiar with the world of medical insurance. Medical insurance gives you the opportunity to cover medical bills that you may not have thought possible to overcome. However, if you look into it, the money that you put into your medical insurance really doesn’t add up with the estimated costs of your injury or illness.

Though this may seem confusing, it makes sense if you think about it. After all, what would be the point of insurance if you were still paying the full cost of the surgeries that you have? This means that your medical insurance is covering the rest of your bills. However, this begs another question. If medical insurance companies are only taking in a margin of what the medical bills actually cost, but are still paying the bills, then how do the companies make money?

Though this may seem confusing, you only need to meet someone that works in medical insurance to know that most medical firms are making plenty. Working in insurance is an extremely desirable job due to just how much money some of the bigger players in the sector are able to make every year.


How do they make money?

Insurance companies face no struggles when it comes to making money and there are in fact two primary streams of revenue for most insurance companies out there. These are known as investment income and underwriting income, but in the complicated world of insurance, it can be a difficult task to differentiate the two. Worry not, we have done the work for you.


Underwriting Income

Underwriting income may be the most popular way of making money that you may be familiar with in the world of medical insurance. If you have a healthcare policy, then you will know that you have to pay a monthly insurance premium. This is basically the set cost that you have to pay in order to have your medical bills continuously covered.

Premiums differ depending on the plan that you selected when you first joined your insurance company, yours may be more or less than the average depending on how much money that you spend every year.  Unless you have an ongoing medical condition, it is unlikely that the insurance company will have to use your money to cover any medical costs for yourself and so this money is pooled. This pooled money is used in many ways. If you are under a medical firm then it is likely that your money will be pooled with others that haven’t required any medical attention that month. This money will be partly used to cover the medical bills of someone else under the same firm, but a lot of money will be leftover.

The law firm will use some of this remaining money for the general running of the business, and new laws mean that insurance firms need to spend at least 25% of their income on administrative costs, which are the costs for the general running of the business. So the profit for the business is assessed this way by adding up the premiums that are collected by the firm and taking away the costs of any expenses or claims that have been paid by the company.


Investment income

Something that you may not know about the world of business firms is that the money that isn’t spent on claims or other expenses is usually invested. They could leave the money as it is, but this usually means there is very little income left over. What the company chooses to invest the remaining money on really depends on a number of personal factors and insider knowledge that the firm owner may have. The usual ways in which this money is invested are through stocks and real estate as companies tend to try to avoid gambling the money that they make. This money is then given out as a wage.


Do the companies make a direct profit from customers?

As previously discussed, the money that you invest into your medical insurance usually never meets the overall costs. Because of this, it isn’t very common for medical insurance businesses to make a direct profit from customers, instead, they are required to use the money wisely.


Can you make a profit from medical insurance?

Though it is more common to work as a part of a firm, there is such a thing as independent brokers. These medical insurance brokers work independently and often charge higher premiums. These higher premiums mean that they are able to cover bigger medical bills, which makes them a favorable option for people who worry about medical issues.

If you want to get into the industry, it is actually relatively straightforward as all you need to do is find medical injury leads and work from there. If you need to purchase personal injury leads for sale there are plenty of online resources or independent companies that you can contact who will be happy to help you. However, there are certain laws you need to follow in order to run your business ethically. There are also a number of certifications that you need to earn in order to allow you to practice, but once you have that sorted out then you should be fine.

Understanding Money: How the Rich Stay Rich

Many people are under the incorrect impression that once you’re rich you’ll be able to stay rich without doing much, this is not the case at all. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get rich if you’re not born into a rich family. It involves a lot of hard work and more often than not, working hard isn’t enough to make you rich. If hard work was all it took to become rich then professions such as doctors and medical staff would be rich as they work round the clock. Becoming rich has a lot more to it, it involves taking lots of risks, including things like risky investments and it requires a lot of confidence when aiming for higher-level jobs with 6 figure salaries, etc. However, becoming rich is only half of the hard work, once you are rich there is a lot involved with holding onto that fortune. If you want to get rich and stay rich then a good way to figure out how to do this is by studying those who are already rich, seeing how they got to their position and what actions they’re making to stay rich. We’ve found some of the most common things rich people do to stay rich.


Some people may wonder how the rich stay rich once they reach the age of retirement and they’re no longer earning a big salary. The reason the rich can manage to maintain their affluent lifestyle post-retirement is that they are smart with their earning and start to save for their retirement from when they’re young. This is a great way to make your money stretch further as if you make pension contributions to an occupational pension scheme then your employer usually matches all of a portion of your contribution, this is effectively increasing your savings. Even if you’re not rich you should be taking advantage of this and planning for your future and as a rule of thumb the earlier you start saving the better thanks to market gains and compounding.

Hire a Professional

There are many qualified people who the rich can afford to hire who provide them with the best advice on how to stay rich. Accountants, tax consultants, and wealth management firms are all great aides for helping the rich to stay rich as they’ll be aware of any sneaky ways to legally avoid tax and retain your earnings. Hiring an accountant is great for anyone who wants someone to look over their finances and provide them with advice, tax consultants are great for anyone who owns a business, and wealth management firms are more aimed at helping the ultra-rich, the best wealth management firms for the ultra rich usually have a team who specialize in different areas so they can provide you with the best advice.


The rich who manage to stay rich almost always have a decent knowledge of what taxes are paid for and what allowances and tax reliefs are available. Most people pay a basic rate of tax but the rich are liable to pay tax at a much higher rate, because of this they’ll always try to reduce their total tax payable a year. There are many ways in which they can do this, there are sometimes government incentives that can be taken advantage of for the rich who own their own company, such as tax breaks for hiring ex-convicts, they can transfer the ownership of assets to their spouse if their spouse pays the basic tax rate and there are many things that qualify for capital allowances that they will definitely be aware of and take into account when making decisions.

Source of Income

Many people get rich from working their way up to the top of a company where they’re paid a 6 figure salary, however, this leaves them in a vulnerable position as if they lose this job and are unable to find another one quickly then they may burn through their savings and be back at square one. The rich who stay rich tend to build several sources of income, their job is likely still their main source of income but to protect themselves they will have other income such as a side business or from buying stock in profitable companies and receiving dividends yearly.

Get Rich Quick Schemes

While many people find these schemes appealing, the rich would not stay rich if they started investing in schemes like these. These schemes are definite to avoid as they are rarely successful, the rich know that there is no shortcut to becoming rich. Instead of investing in schemes like these they’ll be more sensible and put their focus on diversification of assets.

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